CESIPS ( Centre of Excellence for Studies in Indian Philosophical Systems ) is registered as a public charitable trust to further the study of Indian Philosophical Systems namely, Nyaya-Vaisesika, Sankhya, Yoga , Poorva and Uttara Mimamsa, Boudha, Jaina , Charvaka and any other associated domain of knowledge. To additionally focus on the inter relationships of these systems of thought and other domains of knowledge especially philology, phenomena, processes and polity. 

CESIPS has begun functioning in its own facility Sudheeram , a learning centre on 3.3 Acres of land at Keele Vallanadu, Srivaikuntam Taluk, Tamil Nadu with a residential capacity of 12 learners and an Acharya. There is a well equipped classroom and a library is being built up.

An Invitation to Philosophy

Is this going to help me understand myself? Who am I? Why am I here? Why is it so difficult for people to understand me? How will this help me in later life?

Spend a little time with us here. We’ve kind of been there, and we’ve had the same issues to deal with. We were lucky to find great teachers to guide us. We’d like to share some of the insights they instilled in us. Perhaps this will help you with these vexing questions, and help you focus on your goals, your objectives, your life path.

Philosophy? Doesn’t sound like a subject that one thinks has much value. No career prospects, other than teaching in some obscure college. So why philosophy?

We’re going to rock your world, your understanding of yourself, of others, of nature, of the universe, and yes, maybe of God, or maybe not of God.

Immerse yourself in how some of the greatest thinkers that ever lived grappled with these immensities. How scientists have begun to agree that perhaps not all they have to say now is new – that some of these philosophers and mystics have been saying them for centuries.

These trips of fantasy, these trips of delving into the very soul, these postulates of indefatigable non-violent argumentation that engaged such diverse opinions of what is and what isn’t, where people stood their ground on what they believed until they were forced to concede otherwise, or sometimes just agreed to differ but explained why, will send you higher than any psychotropic you can imagine.

Along the way, as you examine these standpoints, you will learn the art of rational dialectics, the science of logic, the love for learning, and the impulse to engage with others for the betterment of all. We all want world peace. We know it isn’t here yet. But we can bring peace in ourselves, peace in our neighbourhood, and quiet fortitude to live with the richness of thought and engagement. Material and wealth will come and go, but equanimity, wisdom and wonder will nurture us our whole lifetime.