Vedanta Sangraha Programme

In Thamizh  Naadu B.R. Rajam  Iyar of Vathalagundu stated in  the  colonial  period that Vadanta is  the  National Philosophy. In  that view  we  can value that Ramaraya did  a  great service to  our  Nation from Guntur.

At  Keele Valla  Nad the textual workshop on Vedanta  Sangraha  is  a  unique one.

After  Pancadasi of  Vidhyaranya this  volume enunciates  the  theory  of Supper imposition i.e. Adyasa  which  was  enlightened  by Sankara

Prof. Vashishtha.N. Jha whole heartedly handled  Vedanta  Sangraha and Scholar participants also. They sincerely followed his  experienced speech.

The  chief  administrator  Mani A Pulimood arranged the  programme perfectly. This  made  the programme  to  be  successful and fulfillment one.   

The  venue is  selfe contained  and contains  nessary  needs. 

This type of   programme surely bring  fame  to Centre  of  Excellence  for Studies  in  Indian  Philosophical  Systems.