Tarkasangraha - Epistemology and Logic - Nyaya Vaiseshika System

Program Name: Tarkasangraha - Epistemology and Logic - Nyaya Vaiseshika SystemProgram Code: TS201601
Duration: 9 daysAmount: 8500
Start Date: 03-12-2016Last Date of Join: 04-11-2016
InstructionsThe programme will commence at 4:00 PM on 3rd of Dec 2016 and will be through at 17:30 PM on the 11th of Dec 2016. The participants are requested to plan their journeys to reach on 3rd Dec 2016 and depart late on the 11th evening/12th Dec 2016. The sessions would be 09:00 AM to 10:45 , 11:00 to 13:00, 14:30 to 15:45 and 16:00 to 17:30. Each day will end with a practice worksheet designed to deepen the understanding of the participants in the basics of the Nyaya Vaiseshika System. A Certificate of Proficiency will be given to each of the participants from CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR STUDIES IN INDIAN PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS (CESIPS). The programme is open to anyone who is interested to become acquainted with the Nyaya Vaiseshika Darsana and will be based on the reading of the Tarkasangraha text in Sanskrit with explanation and discussion in English. Knowledge of Sanskrit will not be a pre-requisite. Limited Board - Vegetarian (Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Tea ) and Lodge for Rs5500/ for the programme duration will be possible to book at the retreat centre 'Ashir Bhavan' run by the Catholic Church near the class Hall. Alternatively arrangements for stay may be made by the participants themselves. A copy of the text of the ' Tarkasangraha - English transalation with notes ' by Dr. V N Jha as well as Jha Sirs's MP4 DVDs of Tarksangraha will be given to the participants at no extra charge. The Programme will be inaugurated by Dr. V N Jha and Dr Ujjwala Jha and the sessions will be led by Sri Mani A Pulimood. The last date for joining the programme will be on the 4th of November 2016 and must be accompanied by the payment. Payments of Rs3000 without accommodation or Rs8500 with accommodation can be made to the Bank Account ( details given below )and a confirmatory mail sent to cesips2014@gmail.com CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR STUDIES IN INDIAN PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS (CESIPS) STATE BANK OF INDIA YMCA JUNCTION CHITTOR ROAD ERNAKULAM KOCHI-682035 BENEFICIARY : CESIPS CURRENT ACCOUNT NO 34032874061 ISFC SBIN0030473