Mimamsa Level 2

Program Name: Mimamsa Level 2Program Code: PM002/2016
Duration: 12 daysAmount: 3000
Start Date: 16-10-2016Last Date of Join: 08-10-2016
InstructionsThe Venue will be Chinmaya Vibhooti , 40 KMs from Pune. The participants are requested to plan their journeys to reach on 16-10-2016 and depart late on the 27-10-2016. A Certificate of Proficiency will be given to each of the participants from CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR STUDIES IN INDIAN PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS (CESIPS). The programme is open to anyone who is interested to become further acquainted with the Mimamsa Darsana . It will be based on the reading of the Arthasangraha text of Laugakshi in Sanskrit with explanation and discussion in English. Knowledge of Sanskrit will not be a pre-requisite. Board - Vegetarian (Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Tea ) and Lodge for the programme duration is available at a charge of INR 800 per day. The Programme will be conducted by Dr. V N Jha and Dr Ujjwala Jha. For more details please contact T N Ananth Cell No 93466 99666 ananth.tn2003@gmail.com or Mukund Dravid Cell no 94221 44173 dravid.mukund5@gmail.com